Our Mission

We manage all aspects of foot and ankle medicine and surgery, including: sports medicine, trauma, Industrial Medicine, diabetic foot infections, geriatric foot care, diabetic foot care and shoes, fungal nails/skin (athlete’s foot), wounds/ulcers of the foot/ankle, corns and calluses, arthritic conditions of the foot and ankle, Achillis tendonitis, tendon ruptures, flat feet, hammer toes/bunions, ankle sprain/instability, plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, metatarsalgia, in-toe gait, neuromas, ingrown toe nails, infections, Charcot foot, crush Injuries and sports injuries.

Our Vision

Our goal is to help our patients understand their podiatric/medical condition as well as their treatment options. Our doctors will provide the knowledge you need to make decisions about your care. Our practice goal is to ensure that you experience compassionate, efficient and effective treatment for your foot and ankle condition with the highest standard of care in the medical and surgical field.

Our Team

The podiatrists at our clinics are Doctors dedicated to providing comprehensive medical, surgical and biomechanical treatment of the foot and ankle as a part of your health care team. We care for all age groups.

We accept all PPO insurance; as well as most insurance and managed care programs (for covered services). If your insurance plan is not listed, please call our office & talk with our expert staff regarding your health insurance.

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Surgical Center

Loma Linda Ambulatory Surgical Center, (ASC), is a fully accredited surgical center by the State of California equipped with state of the art equipment including arthroscopic equipment. Surgeries at the ASC are performed under IV sedation (twilight sleep), which provides for great comfort for the patients. All Doctors and anesthesia team are ACLS certified. Close monitoring of the patients vital signs are provided during the surgical procedures. Once these outpatient procedures are performed, patients leave the surgical center the same day.

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